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RUN TIME: 5:45

The final location of this exodus was the northern providence of Spain, known as Basque Country. We stalked Amateurus from Bilbao to Madrid, and everywhere in between.

Migrations is a three-part series of behind-the-scenes footage from Future Nature, The Element Am Video. Shot on location in Mallorca, Costa Rica, and the Basque Country in Spain, this raw footage offers an in-depth look at Amateurus, the amateur skateboarder. Migrations stars Boo Johnson, Evan Smith, Julian Davidson, Madars Apse, and Nick Garcia.

Future Nature, Element am video

No Board Left Behind: Recycled Board Project

Future Nature No Board Left Behind


During the filming of FUTURE NATURE the only thing that took more of a beating than the riders themselves were their boards. Leaving nothing to waste, these boards kick off NO BOARD LEFT BEHIND, Element's Recycled Board Project.

These one-of-a-kind boards ridden by Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson and Boo Johnson are available now. If you missed this first batch of boards, don't worry, we've given a second life to plenty more and they're coming soon.

Rider Profiles

Nick Garcia

Nick Garcia
(accelerus impossibilus)

A warm-blooded vertebrate of a class that is distinguished by its ability to adapt to any terrain. Because of its speed and diversity, he has few natural predators.

Evan Smith

Evan Smith
(unpredictabilus supersonico)

An endothermic biped known for its distinct migratory pattern, which has created an opportunistic adaptability to various seasons and locations. Though mostly known for its  height and unique airborne appearance, he is also a surprisingly vocal songbird with an array of specialized calls.

Julian Davidson

Julian Davidson
(accelleratii kickflipocus)

A gradual moving crepuscular creature with a fierce disposition. Though notorious for its sudden bursts of speed, he is contrarily lethargic, spending most of its time in torpor.

Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson
(hibernative hard-flipocus)

This secretive, shaggy-haired omnivore is often found in the foothills of urban centers. While known for its long hibernations and calm disposition, it can display sudden bursts of energy when challenged.